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I am a graduate, 28 years old and a young rising entrepreneur. Seriously, I have lost every human emotional feeling. I see every lady that comes my way as a mere pal and when I try to develop feelings for any lady, I personally find it difficult and this has kept me single and bored for many years now and my family and friends kick against it. This came as a result of sour romance I had in the past. I live a life of perpetual fear for ladies. Pls how do I overcome this shit cos I know for sure this attitude will lead me nowhere. Thanks Teekay
The first I’d like to say am happy about is that you actually know the problem; therefore a solution is on the way already.
First is, you need to change your thinking about ladies, you cannot because of one headache cut off your head na.
Just open yourself and be determined to get back to loving again. There are so many good girls out there as there are bad ones (you just gotta keep your eyes open).

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