A Girl Misled Me; Now I Want My Pound Of Flesh

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My name is Kay & I would like you to help me get some answers. There is this lady I have fallen in love with at my work place, I proposed to her & she told me she can’t either say yes or no cause she needs time to think about it cause she broke with her BF 3months ago. I understood her and I continued to show my love & care for her in fact have actually sacrificed a lot for this lady. But Bro, I found out yesterday that she’s actually dating two guys already through her WhatsApp chat.

I found out one of the guys was inviting her for sex. But bro, the question is if she doesn’t love me why don’t she just tell me so that I move on because she actually behaves as if she likes me and the little effort I will put in she will accept my proposal not knowing she has taken me to be a fool. I have decided to pay her back for the pains she has caused me. What do you think?


Kay, how far? First of all, sorry for the silence and heartbreak though you have been given a sign but you decided to ignore it.

You need to know that for a lady, YES is YESS and every other answer is NO e.g. Maybe, I’m not sure, let’s see what happens, I will think about it, just to mention a few.

Women always kknow what they want so they are never mostly confused especially when it comes to relationship matters.

Your question is “What do I think about your revenge plan?” – My answer is there’s no need for any action. The best revenge to give your haters is to succeed at what they thought you couldn’t do.


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