Get busy, Get rich or Stay Lazy and go Broke!

Hey there 🙂
So I decided to let you in on my business life, how it all started and how you too could stop sitting around lazy and get some money.

Sitting around being lazy is not supposed to be fanciful, because when you do that you begin to under estimate your abilities, you start to see the world from an impossible perception, you start to think less of other people who are doing well simply because you dont know the source of their wealth,what they’ve gone through to get that money and because you feel like you could never be on the same page with them and so you resort to hating!

Well,you know things could be different right? Right,it could be.You could invest that money you’re planning to use in getting that iphone6, invest that money you’re planning to use to get that hair, just invest and double the money because the hair could wait but poverty is not funny love.
I was at a certain stage in my college days where i was so broke for a long period of time. So broke i would wake up at midnight and cry.
And that time, my mum sold cloths, shoes,bags and cosmetics and she told me she would give them to me on credit, that when I was done selling I could pay up.
I refused. I was proud! Me, go round female hostels and be telling them I have stuffs to sell, ha! Its quite demeaning, I refused bluntly and my mother didnt push it one bit.
So back to that time when I would cry my eyes out because I was too lazy to market goods I got on a platter of gold, well I just figured, what if I stopped crying? what if I went back to my mum as the prodigal son went back to his father in the bible and asked for forgiveness, would the offer still be open? would I get out of this misery?(because people trust me,she had no plans of sending me money in a long time, thank God I woke up from my slumber).

To cut the long story short, I did call her and told her about my broken wings,and new attitude and how I have changed and how she should forgive my pride that I would sell and make good profit off it, and she spoke over the phone and said “Tolulope, you’re hungry abi?”
And out of shame I told her I was and was also very broke, and I was ready to sell those stuffs.

I did go home that weekend, got beautiful stuffs but the deal was closed already so I had to borrow some money to pay half of the amount of the goods I picked and paid the rest after selling them.
I had never been more ashamed. As we all know, females have some sort of opposing spirit towards each other and I had that a lot back then so I didnt know how to go about, advertising that I had something to sell.
The goods stayed in my room for 2weeks without anybody checking them out,until I figured I could do it, I will be making the money and getting rich and they would be talking and giving me their money to buy stuffs from me and I would still be getting rich and people believe you me I did grow!
I started making money, my friends were surprised at how I hardly went broke that time.
I got so used to the business I loved that I was an entrepreneur. It made me happy,it was like getting paid for having an hobby.

And my mum figured out that I was making so much sales and I had grown strong so she stopped the credit policy and started giving me the “cash and carry” face and I didnt bother, I wanted her to know I was no longer a caterpillar, that I was now a butterfly in business and I now had wings!
From there, I started going to places, and all these because I realized I was in the wrong place and I needed to do something right about that.

So, get something doing today.Get some shoes and cloths to sell,get some cosmetics to sell because you like it or not females love to look good!so they’ll get cosmetics just make sure its affordable. Get some bags,it can be male and female bags,sell,make profit and do it all over again. Learn a trade, probably learn how to make hair, learn some manicure and pedicure, learn some facials and if you’re not down for that you should probably learn plumbing, get to start fixing cars and all. learn some catering services,learn interior and exterior decoration, be vast!

Dont say because you have a degree,and you’re earning your salary,please,money is never too much! If apart from your salary you’re earning money somewhere else, you wont be jailed for that, rather, you’ll have rest of mind that you have worked and now, you’re relaxing and enjoying your money.

Dont sit around expecting money from a sugar mummy or daddy,get on with a job,be it menial or a major one, just get doing something and you’d be surprised at how well it will turn out.
Please, if you’re going to go into a business of any sort, make sure you make consultations about the business,the pros and cons of the business,get with people who have been there and done that, so you wont be running at a loss.

Get busy, get rich!

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