What Do I Get My Billionaire Boss For Christmas?

Question (Anonymous):

Plz I will be grateful if u can help me to post dis.

I started working with my Boss on the 11th of December and was given salary on 19th and also a bag of rice was given 2me too.

Plz what can u suggest I should buy 4my Boss with little money as Christmas gift that he will appreciate.

Note: My Boss is a Billionaire. Not 4 anything that is how I do to people that have been of help to me. I’m really confused.


Awwwwwwnnnn – that’s so sweet.

Your Boss is sweet and you are even sweeter. The thing about rich people is that they cherish the little things that we think they don’t need.

You can buy him anything no matter how small it is. Think of things that you think rich men never need and get him one. He will really appreciate it.

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