Gabrielle Union Slams Prudes Who Criticised Her For Talking About Eating Ass


Gabrielle Union accidentally sent shockwaves through social media after suggesting that men and women be not afraid to reciprocate sex acts in the bedroom — including eating butt.

The actress argued that women aren’t vessel for men’s sexual pleasure, that a woman should demand for ass eating or cunnilingus, just as the man also gets his own satisfaction.

“Whenever you are having consensual sexual relationship, there should be equal pleasure. We are not the vessel for someone else’s pleasure. This should be a symbiotic relationship,” she said.

And she noted that some men like to pretend on social media that they don’t like that kind of sex, but they in fact do. Just know what suits your significant others . But her point remains this: consensual sexual relationship is about reciprocity; it is not a one-sided thing.

But critics still found reasons to slam the actress. Take this folk for example:

Gabrielle clapped back at some of the jokes on Twitter, doubling down and encouraging people to even out their sexual experiences.

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