Funke is worried about abortion – To do or not… #teekayanswers

Question (Funke):
What is your take on abortion and have you ever asked a lady to commit an abortion for you?
Whew – this is really becoming more than I bargained for but a promise is a debt so I gotta answer noni.
I’d answer the last question first by saying NO I have never asked a lady to commit abortion for me. (I hope my MUM reads this one o)
My Take on Abortion:
Abortion is WRONG.
– Pregnancies don’t jump on people. You made a decision to have unprotected sex, therefore you don’t have a choice if it results in pregnancy.
– Pregnancy is the advent of a fetus that could become anything in life (the richest person in the world) but abortion is a dream-killer (a dream that has not even been dreamt).
– Abortion can destroy the abortee (womb, birth canal, psychologically etc) so NO
– Do unto others what you want to be done to you. (You were not aborted, why commit abortion)
– Words that are mostly used in conjunction with COMMIT are many of the times wrong.(commit offence, commit sin, commit murder)
– Abortion is Murder – Murder relates to jail term.
My Sayings on Abortion:
– the guilt hurts more than labor
– labor is for a while. Guilt is forever (even if you accept Christ)
– abortion doesn’t make you unpregnant. It makes you the mother of a dead baby.
– abortion is advocated only by persons who themselves have been BORN. (I like this one)
– who will fight our wars and be the leaders of tomorrow if we all aborted
I hope with this few points, i have been able to CONFUSE you and not CONVINCE you. *bigGrin*

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