Fucked my mum’s boyfriend

Basically a few years ago I went clubbing and pulled. He was an older guy out with his friends and I was out with mine. It was just a one night stand and well it was a great night and I still think about it occasionally.

I never expected this to happen, but a few months ago my mother started dating again, after divorcing my father 3 years ago. Well the guy she started dating was the same guy I fucked. They’ve been together 3 months and my mom only introduced us 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it was him! I assume he hasn’t told her cus she would have said something to me?

Wouldn’t she? So should I tell her I fucked her new boyfriend or just leave it? It not like either of us are in the wrong, but we should tell her of our past, I just don’t know how. We all get on, like we will go out for meals and stuff and its great, and yes we may flirt a little but we aren’t going to do it again. So should I tell my mom?‎

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