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A friend’s true life story; Advice needed pls.

A friend of mine was in an intimate relationship with a lady for 13yrs, and they lived like couples. But a long distance separated them though they promised to marry each other.

After about a year plus my friend returned and was ready to engage this girl and after that go on to marry her, but he found out that the girl was already pregnant for another guy. He tried to know who was responsible for the pregnancy but the girl refused to tell him. He accepted his fate and went back to his base.

Six months later his younger brother called him and told him he was planning for his wedding. But when he got home, he found out it was the same girl he had hoped to marry.

He asked the girl if his brother was responsible for the pregnancy, she replied, No, did u inform my brother that u were pregnant for another man? She said NO again.

Now, the question is: Should he still allow the marriage to go on as the elder brother of the groom?


Considering my level of confusion with your post, I am of the strong notion that the wedding should be called off ASAP. That girl is going to destroy your home and family. Be wise and act now.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

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