Former Nigerian beauty queen Anita-Uwagbale-Isegh​oni loses her mum

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2004, Queen Anita Uwagbale Iseghoni recently lost her mother. The mother of three took to her Instagram page to pay a touching tribute to the woman who “made her feel like a queen and named her a queen”. Her late mother was laid to rest last week in her hometown of Edo State with family, friends, relatives and in laws in attendance. May her soul rest in peace, Amen! See her tribute.
“A tribute to my late mother. Thank you for the mother that you were. A great mother! A mother who guides and inspires. A mother who dedicated her time in helping others. A women who believed in taking life as it comes. You were a mother to a lot of people. The person who taught me that it is who you are inside that matters not the odds against you. You were the pillar of strength and inspiration to me. The motivation to get up when I was tired. You made me feel like a queen and named me “Queen”. You taught me how to forgive,love,and accept people for the way they are. You taught me how to laugh and accept my flaws. You reminded me how unique I was and molded me to the women I am today. You taught me about pride and humility. You were the one with the wisdom and Insight to decide what to do when the path was not clear. When I think of you, It reminds me of another mother. This mother received an note from school about her son Tom. She was told to take her son out of school and save her money because her son was too stupid to learn. When she read the note, she said “Tom isn’t too stupid to learn”I will teach him myself and so she did. When Tom died many years later, the people of the United States of America paid tribute to him by turning off the nation slights for one full minute. You see Tom invented the lightbulb, the motion picture and the record players. His name was Thomas Edison and during the course of his life, he invented over 1,000 inventions. Like Tom’s mom, you knew how to build people up and bring out the best in them. You were a great inspiration. Most of all, you taught me how to make my own light toward off the darkness of the world. Who will do that for me now? I miss you so much! I am sure you will continue to play this role in the afterlife. As you pass, may the good Lord go before you to guide you, beside you to counsel you and behind you to protect you, and may your sweet soul rest in perfect peace! Goodbye Ini Chairman!

I love You Forever,

Your Daughter, Queen Anita Iseghohi”

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