Forbidden Love

‎So my friend and I have been close for around 13 years. We have been through everything together. We’ve had each other’s backs in brawls, fucked women not 5 feet from each other, lived together and tons more. Him and his girl have been together for 8 ish years on and off.

I was there when they met, I helped him hook up with her, bought him his first pack of condoms, talked him through sex and plenty of other insane stuff. So I’ve known her for a long time as well and we’ve always been great friends. I didn’t see them for a while and now we are hanging out on a regular basis again.

Since then, he hasn’t treated her the best and she is an absolutely amazing women that is gorgeous as well. The more I see them the more I see her the closer we grew and the more I started to think of her until I realized that I didn’t just think about her as a friend anymore. Reality hit me hard when I had dreamt of her and I kissing.

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, my brain playing tricks on me or something else but whenever I hug her goodbye it feels like she embraces me if that makes sense and when the hug ends she slides her hands across my back and sides then stares me in the eyes very single time. I thought I must be crazy so I watched when she hugged everyone else goodbye and I’m the only one she did this with.

I would take this as a sign that she’s into me as well but she is also pregnant with his child. Now I can’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she is both physically and emotionally. She would be my picture perfect woman but I can’t imagine doing that to him. I try to make sure I’m never alone with her and that I don’t look at her for too long for fear of her figuring out my feelings. It’s gotten bad enough that I’ve considered moving out of the vicinity, so I wouldn’t put myself in this position any longer.



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