FG is responsible for the recent and frequent jailbreaks in Nigeria – Security analysts

Security analysts have attributed the frequent jailbreaks in the country to the failure of the Federal Government to reform the Nigerian prison system.

A former Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, and a security jail breakconsultant, Max Gbanite in separate telephone interviews with our correspondent on Sunday, stated that a solid reform of the prison system would end jailbreaks in the country.

Tsav described the use of mobile phones by inmates as the height of impunity, stressing that this enabled them to communicate with criminal gangs outside and plan attacks on the prison facilities.

The retired CP noted that the government was spending money on elections and re-elections to the detriment of important security infrastructure in the country.

He challenged states and the Federal Government to fortify the prisons and work on the judicial administration to decongest the prisons.

Gbanite also faulted the use of phones by inmates, insisting that the prisons were not meant for privileged persons.

He stressed the need for the Federal Government to persuade states to build prisons for inmates that committed state crimes, noting that if the state governments could purchase vehicles and communication gadgets for the police, they could also build prisons.

To decongest the prisons, the consultant suggested that the prison reform should ensure that no inmate on trial was held beyond certain period, adding that a parole system could be introduced in which an awaiting trial person would be made to report to a police station pending his trial instead of being kept in prison custody.

The security expert noted that the incessant jail-breaks meant that the prison service authorities lacked intelligence, noting that they could tap information from inmates on plans of criminal gangs outside the prison walls, which they could use to avert attacks on their formations.

Gbanite described the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, as “an accidental minister who is not qualified by any stretch of imagination to be a federal minister or commissioner of a state in Nigeria.”

He said, “Most jailbreaks occur in minimum and medium prisons because of congestion, so there is need for prison reforms.”

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