Famous Fun Race To Hold In Lagos This Weekend

Color Me Rad is based on the Hindu Festival of Colors, otherwise known as Holi. The festive colors used are a sign of winter’s end and spring’s new beginnings. Or in the case of RAD; the color represents the end of lame runs and the beginning of fun runs.

Running in the midst of colours
There is no idea of competition, as there is no timing. Participants are going to experience a unique moment which brings the whole community together and with a view to ensuring education for children.
Color Me Rad is a 5-km race aimed only at making participants laugh. It is not competitive and it is not timed. Doused with colors, the race is pure pleasure for children and adults. Everybody is welcome: parents, grand-parents, students, friends and accomplished athletes.

A festival of colour and music

At every kilometer, there is a new outburst of colors which cover the skin of participants and give them renewed impetus, changing them into walking masterpieces.
To make them dance till the finish, each Color Zone is a mini festival of music which transforms the efforts of the participants into a whirl of extravagance and pleasure.
Like a reward for the participants, there is an outburst of colors and music waiting for them at the finish. Rather than a finish, it is the beginning of another festival!

A race like no other!
Color Me Rad makes everyone euphoric, coloured, happy and a bit extravagant.
Color Me Rad encourages accomplished runners and those who get up to wear their best white tee shirts, thus changing them into a work of art.
This is the best opportunity to experience joy and see life in many colors!

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