My Ex’s Elder Brother Just Proposed To Me – Should I Marry Him

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Am really in a crash now and don’t know how to sort myself out of this mess. I dated a guy 3yrs ago and we broke up. Now his senior brother is on my neck that he wants to settle down with me but I told him the truth I have dated his brother before which pained him. But he stills agree we would go on with the marriage plans. I just want to know what step to take and how to cope with his brother if eventually we get married. Pls do advise me.


My advice is No, don’t go ahead and agree to his proposal. You are even funny sef, you mean you dated his brother and now you want to get married to his blood. That’s not right by me ma.

Kindly move on with your life and find someone that is not related to your ex to hook up with.

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