Question (Anonymous):
Thanks for your word of advice.
Actually, there’s something else I would like to do but it also requires money. How do I go about getting money?
I am going to assume this is the same person that sent the question on school fees inability. Thank you for asking another mind-blowing popular question.

The only problem (I really mean ONLY) of an entrepreneur they say is CAPITAL (money/kudi/ego/owo) but I contradict that statement by saying the only problem of entrepreneurs should be “technical know-how“.

Let me explain why but before then, read the following WOWs:

  • Chase the vision, not the money… The money will end up following you
  • Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard
  • If you are going through HELL, keep going
  • If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product/service, you have started too late
  • Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people WON’T so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people CAN’T
Back to the question, it is not how to raise money that is the problem but how to start with what you have.
From your previous question, you have a job. If i may ask, how much of your salary have you been saving up for the pursuit of your dreams as an entrepreneur?
You necessarily don’t need money to start up (ask the likes of Dangote, Mike Adenuga) they all have a story that people don’t hear.
Whatever you wanna start must have a way to start without much capital e.g. I have a friend that started a poultry with just 1 small chicken he got as a gift. (now the poultry has about 5000 chickens and produces up to 10 crates of egg per day)
The secret is PERSISTENCE.
If you want to buy a car for example that costs 500k, all you need is to look for 1000 people to give you 500 Naira only. 
To be a millionaire, all you need is 1000 people to give you 1000 Naira only. Nigerian population is a whooping  173.6million (mind blowing yh?)
So my dear questioner, kindly find a way to start without big funds but add persistence because the end is what matters not the beginning.
Finally, you can explore means of getting small loans. (http://www.rosabon-finance.com/contact-us

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