‘Don’t ever come to Nigeria, you will be burnt’ boy threatens Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi

Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has called out a boy who threatened him on Instagram. He posted a picture of the boy named Tunde Danjuma and his instagram handle, but the boy has since deleted his account.

“This young man has for the past three months been threatening me with death. He has sent messages to my inbox, he has threatened to attack my family and has promised that if I ever visit Nigeria, he will make sure I get burnt alive. His latest comment on a picture I posted few weeks ago reads “Bastard gay…. Don’t ever come to Nigeria… U will be burnt”. I still don’t know what will make a good looking, young and promising man, full of such intense hate. If anything happens to my family, @danjuma_tunde should be held accountable.” 

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