She Doesn’t Trust Me Anymore. How Do I Get Her Trust Back?

images (1)Question (Anonymous):

I and my girl had this misunderstanding that lasted for like a month (what I did really hurt her), the issue now is that she has forgiven and she says she still wants to be with me but she’s finding it hard to trust me with her love again. What do I do in this type of situation?


You need to be close to perfect if not perfect in your relationship now as you need to work to build her trust in you. Trust is never built overnight so I suggest that you take a chill pill.

It is normal that she finds it hard to trust you again (thank God she is even trying to). You just need to work towards getting her trust back and trust me; it is going to take a while.

No more chances to f**k up oh. You and St. Mary should be best of pals now and Jesus Christ should be your mentor.

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