Doctor Drugged and Kidnapped Woman, Raped Her and Planned To Keep Her For Years

The 38-year-old doctor drugged the woman, who is in her 30s using strawberries, marking which ones he had laced with Rohypnol by drawing on the stem leaves (bottom right), when visiting her in her home in Stockholm in September last year. He raped her in her flat, after which he drove nearly 350miles to a his property outside Kristianstad, south Sweden, where he had spent five years building a prison-like bunker.
Prosecutors say he had brought two rubber masks of an old woman and a man with a beard to use as disguises during the car journey, which police later found in his bedroom (top right). He kept her locked up for six days, repeatedly raping her and drugging her, but prosecutors believe he intended to keep her in the dungeon-like bunker for ‘several years’. The man is believed to have built the 60 square meter bunker himself, with the purpose of keeping at least one person captive over a long period of time. The concrete-enforced walls are 12.5 inches thick and the bunker has a bedroom, toilet kitchen, and even a small covered courtyard, where the person living in the bunker would be able to go outside without being seen by neighbours.

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