How Youtube saved Davido from being arrested by the US Police

American police just can not understand how a young African man can be living in a nice house and have some nice cars without being a fraudster. Davido escaped arrest in the United States after police men went to his home to question him about being a scam artist.

According to Africa Facts Zone, American police went to Davido’s home in Atlanta, Georgia to ask him questions about his source of income…their reason for suspecting him is because he lives in a nice house and his flamboyant .lifestyle

Davido let them know that he is a superstar from Nigeria! When they did not believe him, he showed them his YouTube page which has over 100 million views. Only then did they believe him. But unlike Naija police rather than ask, “Anything for the weekend?”, they apologized & left.

Davido himself confirmed the report on his Twitter. Read Below

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