D.R. Congo vs Nigeria: The 2nd Half Summary

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I only saw the 2nd half of the game and, in those 45 minutes, I saw it all! To start with: What more can you say about a team that started conceding in the 7th minute of the game? Especially when that team is your country’s football team? You’d naturally be blind to whatever positives right? How about we compare the good team and this woeful team?

– Vocal Supporters vs No Supporters
While D.R Congo was playing Nigeria, it seemed like the Super Eagles were playing in the Congolese’s backyard (even though they were playing in Belgium) without a single Nigerian fan! The Congolese fans (or at least the spectators that supported Congo) were very vocal and their voices seemed to worsen the already-poor display of the Nigerian National Football Team.

– They Attacked in Pairs, We Defended Individually
While the Nigerians were busy trying to play their way back into the game (they lost the first half 2-0), the Congolese were busy frustrating their every move by attaching two, sometimes three players to every Super Eagle trying to either score a goal or hold on to possession of the ball. Their game-plan  made the Nigerians look even more  terrible and this comment from the game’s commentator sums it all:

‘Maybe for the crosses that have not been intelligent, the shooting have been woeful!”

– They Played Together, We Were Disconnected
Playing together made the D.R.C defense look unbeatable, unpenetrable and on the overall like the best football team in Africa (permit my exaggerations thank you). Even though it was obvious that the Super Eagles were having a bad day, the Congolese players were superior to a Nigerian team full of players that preferred to make senseless dribbles and play individually than play together.

– They Were so Fast They Made Us Look Stagnant
Again, I simply cannot overstress the obvious fact that the Congolese were the better side of the 2nd half (and the whole game!) and thanks to their speed, they caused even more damage to the Nigerian side. They ran incessantly at the Nigerian defense whenever they felt like, closed thrm down super easily and made the Eagles look like they were not even trying! Lol! It was that bad! Maybe it’s only a friendly. Maybe we should take this more seriously. You decide.

Can I talk about Oliseh now? Well, in one word: In trouble! (I think I used two. Well, it’s that serious). I’ll pretend I’ve not heard about the Enyeama drama

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