Curvy Socialite, Corazon denies dating white men for money

Corazon KwambokaCurvy socialite, Corazon Kwamboka, is not pleased with the insinuations that she dates old white men for money. Kwamboka, who usually posts pictures of herself having fun all around the world in some exquisite locations with her Italian boyfriend recently lashed out at some followers on her Instagram page for insinuating that she is only in the relationship for money.

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop, the model said, “It is disgusting that people would say that I date old white men for money. If they have ever seen me with any of such men, then, they should provide pictures or videos as proof. I am a hardworking lady.

I make a lot of money from modeling and for doing promotions for brands. I’m also a qualified lawyer, and I’m an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. I’m not the type of person that would follow any man for money. I’m sufficiently empowered to make money for myself and enjoy my life.”

Reacting to the allegations that she has abandoned her father, she said, “I really don’t want to talk about my personal life. I am in good terms with every member of my family and they support me.

Some bloggers would just sit behind their computers and churn out whatever rubbish comes to their mind. As a lawyer, I know how to deal with them by taking them to court, but I’m bidding my time. And I have more important things to attend to at the moment.

On if she has a special diet for maintaining her shape which leaves men drooling and ladies green with envy, she said, “I just live simply. I do things in moderation, and I eat food that I know are beneficial to my body. I also take a lot of fruits and I exercise a lot.”

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