Crazy?: Tracked someone I’ve never met on facebook for 6 years

This is a really weird confession. 6 years ago I came out of a long term relationship, and had a really short fling with a guy. I was a bit of a mess after the break up, and got really insecure and jealous about this new guy. There was a really pretty girl who sometimes left messages on his facebook.

There wasn’t really anything suspicious about the messages, she was just stunning and it made me insecure. The fling finished quickly, and naturally, and was no big deal. But in the time we were together I got so obsessed with this girl I made a fake fb account and friended her. She had loads of friends, and accepted the request with no questions. I started to follow what she was up to.

After the fling finished I continued to follow her fb through the fake account, and became really fascinated with her life. She just seemed so beautiful and interesting. After a while I stopped feeling jealous and just loved to see what she was doing, a bit like reading a book. Once, I called the number she had put on fb after losing her phone, said hi, and then sorry, wrong number. she sounded nice.

Since then I have seen the breakup of her relationship, move to a different city, start of a new one, and finally the birth of a baby. It’s been 6 years now, and every now and again I log on to the fake account, and catch up with what she’s been up to. It’s so strange – I have no desire to meet her or anything, but I’ve followed what she’s been doing now for so long I feel like I know her. I even felt really happy for her when she had her baby.

I wrote “tracked” because I don’t want to meet her, or think we have any connection or anything, so I don’t feel like it’s stalking. But I guess it kind of is!

I’ve never told anyone about this, because obviously, I’d probably be carted off to the loony bin!

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