Don Jazzy Visits Courthouse, Wants To Work As Taxi Driver For A Week

COVID19: Why Don Jazzy Is In Real Tears

Recently a lot of Nigerian celebrities have been giving out cash gifts to their fans, to lessen the burden caused by coronavirus.

Music executive, DonJazzy’s fans also reached out to him, but the overwhelming number of Nigerians, who stormed his handle asking for help has made him break down in ‘real’ tears.

Don Jazzy stated that he was in tears today seeing the number of Nigerians that have flooded his social media handles, dropping their account numbers as they request for financial assistance during this trying times.

In a post shared on his Twitter handle, he wrote

“I swear scrolling tru my mentions just gets me so sad. I’m in real tears. Account numbers everywhere. And I cant blame them becos if they have enough they won’t ask. This is not even a tweet to bash the govt. How can our lives be better?? Where do we start from?”

See the tweet;

Donjazzy 'weeps' as Nigerians flood his social media handles demanding for financial assistance amid coronavirus crisis


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