Confession/Question (Teni): I Am Roommates With A Lesbian friend And We Do Sexual Stuff. Am I A Lesbian?

‎Me: hey hun,how are you? You look fab*winks*
Teni: *smiles mildly* thanks.
Me: How is everything dear?
Teni: well,its not the way we want it to be,but we bless God.
Me: Wow! I sense distress in that tone,whats going on dear?
Teni: I’m confused!setback, going deranged,weak and helpless.
Me: wow! Wow! I’m so sorry dear,is it something you want to share?
Teni: yes,thats why I’m here, to find solace in sharing it with another.
Me: Wow! Okay this is serious,please you may begin.
Teni: im not from a rich background, matter of fact, if they are recognising the poor, my family name would be the compound name for the poor.
Me: dear,dont say that…I mean ……*she interrupts*
Teni: No, no you don’t seem to be getting it,im here to let out my mind please,just let me, please.
Me: Okay,im sorry dear, continue.
Teni: I left my home for Unilag when I got admission, you know in those tattered outfits I got from home which maami classified as “royal dresses” *laughs sarcastically*.
When I got to school, I observed. I saw girls being dropped in school by exotic cars, rich spoilt girls, I saw them, all in their creme de la creme groups.
I saw the average ones,all dressed up but u’ll know they’re averages.
I saw the serious ones,those ones that wear no earrings or trousers and all,yh I saw them.
And guess what? From the highest class, to the lowest,i wasn’t even fit to be classified as part of them, we were that wretched!
Me: Wow!
Teni: yes Wow! Nothing but wow! I had no desire to even fit in, I just wanted to live my life low-key, get my philosophy degree and leave peacefully.
I was allocated Kofo female hostel, so I moved in.
After a week of resumption as a rookie, I met the daughter of the man in whose  house my mother does laundry and works as a maid. She welcomed me,embraced me and invited me over to her room.
She was a “hottie”, in year 3, she was fair, all set kind of body and there was nothing feminine you wouldn’t have found in her room.
She laughed at my outfit and told me she was going to take me shopping at the boutique the next day but for the main time, I should take off the “rag” and stop embarrassing her.
I did! Took a shower and wore one of her clothes which she offered me.
She took me out in her mercedes E-class later that evening and we had dinner.
All the while through our walk from the parking lot to the eatery, ‎people would smile and wave at her calling her names like barbie,whity,snow,ele,porsche and all that. She was “Fame” itself.
She asked me where I was staying over dinner and I said kofo hostel. She said hostel life wasn’t too good for me and I should move in with her in town.
I hesitated a little, didn’t want to be a burden to her as we were both students, but she clearly insisted.
She did everything for me, beginning from my hairdo, to my manicure and pedicure, to my outfits, accommodation, babe,every Fucking thing!
Me! Wow,thats nice.
Teni: Yes sure,but little did I know I was becoming her pet. After 3weeks of moving in with her, one night, Fitumi started caressing me,starting from my clitoris to my nipples. She would nibble on my ear and fondle my lips, and somewhere in my heart,i already had a soft spot for her,not the sexual kind but she just had her way of making me weak.
She begged me and begged for close to two months when I couldn’t bear it anymore,i gave in.
She was good. She would Lick my clitoris, fondle my nipple,nibble on them and all, you know the details now?
Me: who? Me? Hahah no, at all ma!
Part I


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