Confession/Question: I Have Been Having Nightmares Since I Tasted my Girl’s S**t

Screaming Black Man













From a male LIB reader

I haven’t been able to touch my girlfriend in 5 weeks after an episode with her left me traumatized. During our last lovemaking, as it’s customary for us to do if we have much time to give each other pleasure, I like to kiss her down there a lot and give her great pleasure. I like to also lick her b***h**e. She really enjoys it but in our last encounter something went terrible wrong. My girl forgot (or is it deliberate? God forbid) to clean her butt after taking a sh**. So when I put my tongue there, I tasted something funny. When I checked it out with my hands, it was her sh**! I couldn’t believe it. She apologized and went to wash up but I haven’t been able to get over it. I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable around a woman’s a**hole again. I haven’t been able to touch her since the experience. Are there other men who have experienced this? How did you get over it?

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