Confession: We Had Sex With My Friend’s Little Niece…

Hi, there is a confession I want to make. Going a few years back I had this friend and he likes how them little preteen girls model in panties and stockings etc.. he says its good to see little girls taking up modeling and posing erotic.

He has a little niece and one day when I came over he had his niece all dressed up in black stockings and a very thin g-string and barely covered her. I didn’t know what to say and before I said anything he says we are practicing for her modeling and they want to see something very nice and tells her to bend over in the rear position and to pull the panty to the side so we can get a better view of her holes and then got her to lay on the bed and to pull her panty around her ankle.

I got to say I did get a big hard on and I couldn’t resist so I started jerking off for her. It was the most cutest sweet thing I seen and with her long hair she looked so gorgeous. But then he laid down and lubed her up and got her to rub her little pussy up and down on his dick and said want to try? I came closer to her and tried but it only went on a little bit as she was very small and tight and we both blew our load on her.



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