Confession: I Had Sex With Another Man’s Bride-To-Be

When I was just about to graduate college, I had a friend ask me for a ride home as I was going around her estate. It was during this hour long drive that she would tell me that she was interested in me indirectly. While I had found her scared-man-pfattractive, I am not one to encourage cheating. I had been a cheater in a past relationship, and I know how much damage it can do. I promised myself I would never do it again (which I have not), and not helping anyone else to do the same was intended.
Of all of the reasons why I didn’t want to, is because I had met her fiance. After weeks of endless flirting and teasing, I fell. I slept with her 4 times over a few days, at one point even having sex in the same room as her friends.They married a few weeks later. She admits that at one point she wished it had been me instead.While the sex was amazing, I can’t get over the fear that someday she will tell him. The fear that it could someday ruin their marriage, and divorce two parents, their child/children in a broken home
culled from TAC

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