Confession: I Saw A Woman Getting A Beatdown And I Did Nothing To Help

maxresdefaultWe (the neighbors) have had to go intervene before a few months ago. Out of nowhere today again, we heard shouting coming from the flat across from us, a woman just starts screaming ‘Stop’ and ‘No’ and a few other things over and over again while he shouted, and noises that sounded like something or someone being hit.
I feel like a piece of shit for not going over there when the screaming started. I don’t know what I’d have done, and being 5’6 and 58kg to his 6′ and 70+kg, I can’t imagine it would have gone well in all honesty. But it would have stopped her from being potentially hit, and I didn’t do it. I sat on the stairs, shaking, listening to it and I didn’t  do anything because I was too scared of him hitting me.
I’ve never thought less of myself than I have right now.
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