Confession: My sexual drive is too much to handle

Hello y’all again… We are on our way to buy our own mansion o… but listen first, there is a category on this blog for confessions and it is important to elucidate that these confessions are not in anyway meant to spite anyone or divulge secrets.

That being said, the confessions are for everyone to learn one thing or the other. Mostly for the other people going through similar situations, you are not alone and there are a million other people in the same shoes.

Dear readers, kindly put a comment but be very very mild and comforting (no swear words)

Now to the confession:

I’m a seventeen year old female and my sex drive is becoming too overpowering and I’m not sure how I can overcome this. I understand that once you saw my age you automatically jump to my girly developing hormones, but I don’t think that’s the case.

It all started when I was nine or ten when I started experimenting with an old friend of mine. Ever since I’ve never been able to not crave sex or stop thinking about sexual things. I started masturbating when I was ten or eleven, and I lost my virginity at fifteen. I know that for some people a sexually needy girl doesn’t seem so bad, but it has taken a large toll on some of my relationships.

Right now I’ve been with my SO for a little over a year and they know of my sex drive, but they aren’t as “driven” as I am. Because of this I feel the need to talk to strangers online and rp or erp with them, sometimes I go as far as exchanging pictures. I love my SO very very much, and I’ve never cheated on them.

It’s just getting harder and harder to suppress my needs and I’m afraid that this may ruin my current and even future relationships. I guess what I’m getting at is I want to lessen my wanting of sex and anything to do with sex.



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