Confession: My mum and I…

My mother and i have always been best friends.
When i was a teen she started to control me and become too  over protective of me..she wouldn’t let me do anything, i had to tell her my every move, who i was with, where i was going , it was really bad .

To a point, i started to act rebellious and acting out. Our relationship broke, we fought all the time, never got along, screamed , cried.. i hated her. Though shes my mother and i know she was only trying to help me and bring me up the right way, she drove me away.

My friends all think she’s crazy, and too overprotective as well. I thought things were bad until one day at my graduation, MY grad .. you know the celebration of ME completing  high school, it should be about me.. she was there with me at the ceremony and after it was over i had to go return my graduation gown..and i came back with my normal clothes on.. and she came over and was holding flowers with a horrid look on her face and said to me in front of my friends and boyfriend and classmates (and dad which i do not live with,my parents are split up) ‘you ungrateful brat! you couldn’t even keep on your gown so i could take pictures’ !? then threw the flowers at me….

I started to cry and she ruined my day. The issue with that is that i don’t know whether to be mad or sad, it was my day and i had to take back the gown but i feel bad because she did not get one picture of me or with her in my gown.. secret : i could have left on the gown if i wanted to .. but i didn’t because i knew it would make her mad.. but she ruined my day.

That night, me and friends were going to a party to celebrate grad and stopped by my house for a min to get our stuff… my mom came down in front of all my friends and started pushing my friends out of the house literally and yelling and screaming and crying throwing boxes of beer down the stairs breaking all of our liquor scaring the hell out of our friends..

I felt humiliated and embarrassed and so pissed off.. and to make it worse she called the cops saying we were drinking and driving when she knew that no one had opened any of that liquor yet.. the police came trying to find us but we all parked in someone’s house and layed low.. i cant believe she called the police to piss us off ..

The next day me and my brother moved out to my dad’s house without telling her, she came home from work to find our bedrooms empty..i feel bad and to this day i am still living at my dads and she makes me feel horrible about it and says  that we are horrible children and she was only being a good mother.

She has hurt me emotionally so many times, she has gotten physical with me as well. I don’t know to this day if i was right or if she was ? what do you think ?‎

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