Confession: My dog is addicted to licking my cum!

I got a dog while I was dating a girl 4 years ago as a mutual pet. We both loved him very much, but she split with me a couple of months after getting him. I was lonely for quite a time after the break up. During this time I spent a lot of late nights awake watching tv and masturbating. A lot.

One night I had cum on my belly from a recent wank, and my dog was on the bed. I enticed him over and let him lick it up. While he was licking it I was stroking him and offering positive reinforcement.

This continued on for a few weeks, becoming more frequent as time went by until we were sharing our moments every night. It actually got to the point where he would wait for me to go to bed and nuzzle my hand, wanting me to cum and for him to eat it. Following me around and wagging his tail.

I am now in a relationship, and my girlfriend has decided to move in with me. She has been living with me for a couple of weeks now and finds the fact that my dog is so affectionate at night very cute. Almost obsessive.

But we have our little secret him and I.

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