Confession: And I Moved On. Don’t Live To Regret Your Mistakes; Live To Correct Them

Those words used to be my least favorite words, mainly because I was actually scared of moving on, making bold and outrageous steps, as they say fear of the unknown. My life is not perfect and I am sure yours too, therefore we are free to make mistakes. We’ve had ups and downs and even gotten our hearts broken a few times but one thing that remains constant and still important are those words “Move On”.

download (20)No matter what happens to us we all have to move on, move on to greater things, move on and make mistakes, move on and correct those mistakes, move on and don’t repeat those mistakes and move on and be happy. As much as people say it’s hard to move on but they still do without even knowing it, for instance when I hear people say “oh it’s hard”, “oh I can’t do without him/her” “oh I can’t move on”. Girlfriend/Guyfriend just move on already, that stage of your life is over, like seriously and am sure most of us went through that stage, lol*.

I have had disappointments in the past but I had one that really brought me down and tore my heart into pieces, I was depressed and was so unhappy at that time, family and friends tried to help me move on but I refused  because everything reminded me of him but I knew I had to help myself.

As they say heaven help does who help themselves .So one morning I stood up from my bed and went straight to my standing mirror and said to myself “How could you do this to yourself, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, WITH SO MUCH GOOD THINGS TO OFFER” stop this foolishness and move on,

And that was it, I went to the kitchen and prepared myself a lovely meal that I can still remember till today and since then moving on has been one of my favorite words, as they say experience is the best teacher.

We are humans we learn every day and also learn from our mistakes, so don’t live to regret the mistakes you have made but live to correct the mistakes you have made and do you know how to correct them by just Moving On.

To everyone who think they need someone to help them move on because they feel it’s difficult ,it all depends on you, your determination; As the bible says “we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, just take that bold step, And Move On…

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