Confession: I’m not sure but I might have seen someone being kidnapped!

Its been 7-9 months and to this day I’m still thinking about it a lot and feel terrible for freezing in the heat of the moment. I was driving home from school when I see a car launch into the freeway off the ramp and swerve all the way to the right lane while going 90 or so mph.

I’m just stunned at the guys stupidity and switch lanes in effort to avoid him, he cuts back into the right lane in effort to find a opening and continues to drive erratically and at this point I wanna speed up and honk my horn at the guy when the trunk which was propped open a little already cracks open and I see a freaking leg pop out of the trunk and back in.

I’m shocked by what I’m seeing and try to speed up to make sure I’m seeing it correctly when the guy speeds up even more and starts switching lanes I try to keep up but by this time I’m going way too fast hitting 100 mph at one point and decide I gotta slow down and that I probably saw something wrong, I keep playing it in my head over and over and I couldn’t rationalize it any other way, it was definitely a leg.

I think about calling the cops but my phone was dead and I’d have to wait till I got home.. by that time my mind is just a cruster of possible things that I “might have seen” and I when I think about the possible info I could give them I really had nothing except that I might have seen a leg, no license plate, and that it was a off white older sedan (didn’t even have the awareness to identify the make and model or give even the slightest description of the driver) I tell myself it’s ok the freeway was busy and I couldn’t have been the only one to see it (If I saw it correctly in the first place). I check the news that night and nothing.

In hindsight when I think about how crazy the driver was acting on the freeway it makes sense and for the past couple months especially this last couple of weeks I can’t seem to shake the fact that I might have just let someone get killed or kidnapped.‎

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