Confession: I was disvirgined by my mum…

This truly happened a while back but I just want to let it out. My parents were friends with a family consisting of dad, mom and two kids. I had to stay with them for close to a year as my family moved while I was preparing for my WAEC. I had a pretty good relationship with everyone regarding them as ‘Mom’ and ‘daddy’ as the first four months went by normal. Then for some reason my host mom started sending me “the vibes”.  I used to stay up a little late to keep her company while studying (forming serious boy).
She was not bad looking for her age (she was in her late 30s), and I was 16 at the time.  At home she would often run around bra-less, and every now and then I was able to see her breasts, e.g. when she leaned over the counter in the kitchen. Now, I think that she did all that on purpose, but back then I felt bad for looking at ‘Mom’s’ breasts…
Anyway, so during one of those keeping-company/study-nights, she was sitting across me at a table, doing her work, while I was doing mine. Then suddenly she started to lean over the table and came really close to my lips with hers and my brain reacted so I put my lips on hers- So we kissed. Nothing else happened that night.
The next night however, I was keeping her company again. To be honest, I was hoping to get see some female parts, since I was still a teenage growing virgin up to that point, and hormones tend to go crazy during that age. And well, she ended up giving me a BJ and I just randomly touched her, which was quite funny, since I didn’t know what I was doing.
From there things just kept on going. We eventually had sex, almost every day. We had sex when everyone was asleep, and/or her husband was out of town. We even had sex next to one of her kids one time, who was sleeping in the bed, while we were crawling around on the floor.
The worst part for me is that she was married and had kids one of which was 13 years and with whom I had a pretty good brother-friend relationship. But after I had sex with their mom, I just felt really bad around everyone else, although obviously no one knew what we were doing.
I stopped talking to the whole family altogether after I Joined my parents because I felt guilty and ashamed.
I never told anyone this story before, since I was too ashamed to admit I had sex with a woman who is over 20 years older than me. But after reading some of the confessions here I thought I should just tell as I have seen worse confessions here.

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