Confession: 27 (M) spent most of my adult life sleeping with older women.

I am 27 years old. I was a shit house young man when it came to the opposite sex. Nervous, useless, and could not get a girlfriend. By the age of 20 I was a virgin but lost it to a 35 year old woman who was at my workplace for a short contract. Since then I have only ever had sexual and serious relationships with older and much older women. The long term relationships I have had, two, ended due to other issues – not age difference issues.

I don’t think I go out purposely looking for older women it just happens that way. I’ve tried perusing people my own age but it never works out or it seems too difficult. Since high school I’ve always hungout with people older than me. Again not on purpose just circumstance. Having three older brothers who had a great network of friends probably played a part.

Recently I invited over an old friend and workmate who transferred out of my department. She’s 49. I gave her a neck rub and we had sex. And have continued to since. I do feel somewhat guilty, she has a neglectful somewhat estranged partner at home who is the father to her two late teen sons.

Over the last decade or so I’ve been with women aged from 33 (youngest, I was 21 at the time) to 61. It has never really bothered me, I mean sex is sex. However, awhile ago at a previous workplace some staff found out that I had slept with the 50 year old cleaner. They were disgusted and treated me like a leper. This seems to be the normal reaction of people my age or at least in their 20s.

Maybe it is not normal. I don’t know. Just needed this off my chest. Cause it FEELS normal to me but is always on my mind due to the judgements of others.

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