Confession: I Am Sexually Attracted to My Brother-in-law

“My marriage has been fine but my husband and I do not have that much passion in our relationship. Also, my husband is not a very intellectual person so I missed having someone to have intelligent conversation with. I found out that my brother-in-law is one of the smartest people I have ever met.My brother-in-law and I connected on an intellectual level.

He made me feel excitement and I felt I could talk to him for hours. I fantasized about going on a date with him, then I started daydreaming about making love to him. This made me so turned-on that I felt my heart beating faster and I got sweaty. For now, nothing has happened, but one thing that I know for a fact is, if he ever came on to me, or shows any signs that he wants me sexually too, I would never be able to say no.”

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