Confession: Help! I havent had an orgasm in 3months!!

I haven’t been able to orgasm in 3 months. It’s driving me insane. Today I tried masturbating for the first time in a month and nothing. I’ve gotten so tight in just 3months. My VERY average sized toys were almost too big for me. I’ve tried new toys, watching different porn, not using toys at all, waiting a long period of time but I’m still unable to reach climax.

I’m always turned on. Like the slightest thing will get me wet so quick. It’s so frustrating!!! I honestly think at this point it has to be something mental that’s stopping me. I went through a really bad break-up alittle over a year ago. I don’t miss my ex at all. Emotionally I have moved on, but I’m still finding it hard to date.

I don’t like going out to bars or clubs. My job has strict policies on dating customers, which I completely agree with. I’m a pretty shy/introverted person so the few friends I do have are the same. So honestly I don’t know how to date.

I would LOVE to have sex. I crave rough sex. I want someone to fuck my brains out. Slapping, biting, choking, hair pulling. All of it. No joke I’m wet now just thinking about it. My thought is that I may not be able to make my self orgasm, but this being my all time favorite it may finally happen for me.

So my hope is that I’ll magically find someone somewhere and it will all just fall into place. Hopefully soon because I really want to get off finally.

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