Confession: Extremely attracted to girlfriend’s pregnant sister

I’ve been with my girlfriend, J, for approximately 4 years now. I’ve know her family, including her sister K, for about 3 years. When I first met K I thought she was attractive, but our personalities clashed. That and I was dating J. Over the course of these 3 years, we’ve become pretty good friends. I know her family thinks of me basically as family (like K thinks of me as a brother).

Skip to recently, we found out K was pregnant, and she’s been staying with us because she was having some health problems. Just the other day I noticed myself thinking how badly I wanted her. This came out of nowhere. No clue if she’s got hormones going on that are attracting me to her or what, but the only way I can stop the craving is to masturbate, and that only helps so much. Without it though, I’d probably try something I’d regret like grabbing her ass or something.

She’s only at 7 weeks, so she’s not showing that much but I’ve had to stop myself from staring at her breasts because they just look so damn good but of course that would be a problem if I got caught. All I think about when I’m masturbating to clear the desire is her with a bit more belly (like further along in the pregnancy).


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