Confession: My BoyFriend Is Too Rough…

During sex my boyfriend just rubs too hard or he starts pounding away at me early. I have guided his hands away from rubbing directly on my clit. I have tried to explain and show him how much harder he is rubbing me than what would feel good. I likened the pressure to me jerking him off with a wrench. I know he watches a lot of porn and I have told him that I just can’t take what some of those girls can.
It has turned into a huge point of contention because he feels like I’m attacking or insulting him and he swears he’s rubbing as soft as he can but I keep feeling like he is going for a deep tissue massage constantly (especially on my clit). Then he doesn’t want to have sex because I’m not just ready for him as instantly as he can be (due at least partially to the difference between men and women):
I am his first sexual partner and I know he watches a lot of porn. I’ve suggested that porn has warped his idea of sex but that is met with a lot of defense.
He’s also a bit upset with me not being a virgin and wants to take my anal virginity so he “has something”.
I should also mention that when we first became sexually active but before he cashed in his V card with me, the foreplay was amazing. He was the first person I was with that was able to make me orgasm. So I don’t know if I can write it off as porn or inexperience since it has gotten worse with more experience. I want to be with him but sex is becoming a hassle unless I just grin and pretend everything he is doing is just great.
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