Confession: My BF Can’t Stay Hard For More Than 5 Mins

I have been dating this guy for about two months now. We were like talking or whatever for about 3 months before and I waited until we were official to have sex. That was great and all but I wish I would have had sex with him before we started dating. He’s not very good. He knows I like it rough but he can’t  keep it up at all. I have asked him if he has erectile dysfunction but he just got all annoyed. download (16)It’s not that I’m unattractive, I’m 5’7 and I work out once in a while so I know I have a nice body. He on the other hand, is a bigger guy. He recently  lost like 5kg and is sitting at like 83kg right now. I’ve been trying so hard to make this work because personality wise he’s a great guy!!!! I could really see myself staying with him for a long time. But if his sexual performance doesn’t get better I’m afraid I’m going to have to end it. Sex is a very important thing to me. I’m not wayward but I’ve had my fair share of sexual partners. I know I may be more experienced than him but his lack of being able to stay hard for more than 5 minutes is really making me depressed.
This is my confession. I like him but I’m probably going to leave him because he’s horrible in bed.

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