Chimamanda Adicihie Speaks On Father’s Kidnap Incident

On a Fateful Saturday, year 2015, May, the popular author Chimamanda Adicihie’s father, Professor James Nwoye Adichie, was kidnapped on his way to Nsukka to Aba in Anambra. After three days, he was released.
In an interview with BBC News Hours recently, she spoke about the incident.
“We are still reeling from it- We still have nightmares. I felt deeply hurt .I also felt very angry…I never imagined it would happen to us. And to an 80 year old father like my father who spent his whole life teaching for Nigeria- I felt Nigeria had failed us…The state government did not do as much as we had hoped. It’s just the larger problem of inefficiency… One person has now been caught and is in custody but in general we still don’t know. My father was very keen to protect me. He kept saying to them – I don’t have her number on my phone, I don’t remember it”.

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