Checkout the beer made by using vaginas

A company has shocked many after it created and has started selling beer made by using vaginal bacteria.
Not just any vaginal bacteria, though. Lactic acid bacteria from the vagina of Czech model Alexandra Brendlova.

Created by vagina-themed start-up The Order of Yoni, Bottled Instinct is a beer that promises to
capture the essence of femininity.

Its makers create it by taking bacteria from the vagina using a ‘gynaelogical stick’. This stick then goes to a laboratory, where the lactic acid bacteria are ‘isolated and cleaned’ then multiplied.

That bacteria is then used in a culture starter kit, and is combined with water, malt, hops, wooden chips, and yeast to create the beer.
The Order of Yoni says the beer has ‘no vaginal smell or taste’, but it has been ‘flavoured with instincts’ and brewed with model Alexandra’s ‘lure’ and ‘grace’.

They also suggest that by using a woman’s vaginal bacteria, their beer is like having a woman in beer form.

‘Imagine a woman of your dreams, your object of desire,’ reads the product description. ‘Her charm, her sensuality, her passion…

‘Try her taste, feel her smell, hear her voice… Imagine her massaging you passionately and whispering into your ear everything you want. Now free your fantasies and imagine that with a magic wand you can close it in one bottle of beer.’
There’s also the depressing standards for the vaginas The Order of Yoni uses for its beer production. According to the company, a lot of time has been devoted to finding ‘the kind of a female whose pheromones will stay with you”.

Potential models offering up their vaginas for beer production‘sign a contract with high penalty for working in adult industry, sex industry, as adult actress, escort, prostitute, etc.’

Because having paid-for sex will affect the beer-making quality of a woman’s vagina bacteria. obviously.

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