Okay Really! What Exactly Is Wrong With Chicken Republic’s Advert?

Okay, lets be real. I really don’t care if anyone comes at me. I’m presently at a place with a lot of people present and I showed them the advert and they all burst into laughter. Infact, they were asking where the nearest Chicken Republic is so they could go tell them how funny the advert is.

I know a lot of people have kicked against the advert, saying its a national affair and shouldn’t be messed with. Well, I say Chicken Republic took an opportunity. Something we all don’t do because we are all afraid of risks. They took the risk, and BOOM! They are what everyone is talking about. Even if the comments are sore, or coming out sore, my dear readers, people will be eager to now know what Chicken Republic does. What they sell, where their nearest branch is. What is inside their eateries and all that.

Nigerians should slow down with their criticism, we’re all very fast at nailing people to the cross, destroying businesses that people worked day and night to build. I as a person, find the advert very funny. Actually, very hilarious. Nobody has convicted Olisa Metuh of anything. He wouldn’t be in jail if he wasnt found with one illegal thing done or the other. Chicken Republic took it as an opening to advertise themselves. Yea though it might have come out wrong, but YOU! You cannot deny that that advert, has got style!

While anybody out there is criticizing Chicken Republic, some people are praising them. See below:

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