6 Great Tips For Working On A Plane

Despite the fact that you are on board a plane, you may have multiple things to do as well as deadlines to meet. Unfortunately, very few bosses or line managers will accept excuses for not meeting the date an exercise should be completed. Even if you are your own boss, it is ever more pertinent to work because of your overwhelming schedule. Clearly, you have no choice than to work during your flight.  These tips shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency will help you make productive use of your time on a plane.

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6 Tips For Taking Screenshots In Windows 10

Screenshots are important for different purposes. It can be used to capture screenshots of whatever is on your laptop.

So, if you use Windows 10, you may be unaware of how to screenshot because it is relatively new.

As such, we showcase 5 ways you can screenshot anything particularly if you are using Windows 10.


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7 Tips For A Better Social Media Live Broadcast

Live broadcasts are fast becoming very popular today. You no longer have to rely on a camera crew to go live. Thanks to social media, any organisation, business or individual can do this.

From your smartphone or computer, you can broadcast live from the comfort of your home, event centre or office. Your broadcast can potentially and instantly reach thousands of people or a targeted audience. This is quite amazing!

However, how can you ensure that your social media live broadcast go smoothly without any hiccups? Read on to find out:

1.         Promote your broadcastImage result wey dey for social media live broadcast

Promoting or a

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6 Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Startup Online

There are quite a number of startups in Nigeria who are constantly searching for the most effective, best and affordable ways to promote and advertise their businesses.

Now with the internet, there are so many platforms you can advert on to reach millions. If you have been pondering on where to promote your business online,look below:

1.       Email newslettersImage result wey dey for promote online startups

Your weekly or monthly newsletter can also serve as a way to promote your business. You can design a nice banner and attach it to every newsletter you send out. You can also encourage your employees to do the same. It does not have to be restricted to new

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Made in Nigeria Jeep: Imo man makes us proud (photos)

Made in Nigeria JeepPhotos have emerged, showing a rugged-looking jeep which was allegedly made in Imo state, using local raw materials from Imo.

The photos were shared by Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha on Facebook. According to him, the car is called Biafrakwezuonu and the one in the photo is the 2017 model.

The engineer who designed the car can be seen in the photo above co

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7 Things That Shorten The Lifespan Of Your PC

Computers like other devices have a short lifespan. Your computer gets noisier, slows down, and shows error messages which are signs that something is wrong with your computer.

This problem occurs when certain things happen to your computer. In line with this, below are 7 things to avoid if you want your computer to last longer.

1.       Power surgesImage result wey dey for lifespan of a PC

Power surges may be as a result of lightning strikes or sudden restoration of power. This can be risky as it can damage your computer’s motherboard, lead to data loss and even your charger could explode. It is advisable you use a stabilizer.


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7 Tips On How To Overcome Social Media Envy

Social media is now an integral part of our lives. It has given many the opportunity to put their lives out there. As a result, some people take advantage of it to share anything whether they are celebrities or not.

They post photos of wads of cash, fleets of cars, filtered pictures as well as fits achieved and much more. These contents are consumed by persons who spend hours gliding from Facebook, to Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to view the posts shared by their favourite celebrities and friends.

This can lead to social media envy or jealousy.   To put this perspective, a recent global study on social media jealousy conducted by Kaspersky Lab reveals that nearly 60% of the participants viewed a friend as having a better life than their own simply by seeing that friend’s social media activ

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7 Amazing Reasons Nigerians are in ‘Love’ With iPhone 

iPhone and Android-operated have been around for awhile and there has been this raging about which is better. Even Nigerians are not exempted from this debate. Funny enough, you will find Android users if given the chance will ditch their Android for iPhone.

That is the love Nigerians have for iPhone even if they cannot afford it. But the problem here is that their love is not based on an informed point of view because there are many Android phones that are far better than the iPhone.

Below are the reasons why Nigerians love iPhone.

1.      They just like iOS better than AndroidImage result wey dey for nigerians love iphone

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Use These 5 Tips For Choosing Hashtags For Your Social Media Campaign

Hashtags are very important because it makes it easier to find information about a particular theme, campaign or content. It can also be used to get the attention of your audience especially if it is catchy.

So if you are doing a social media campaign and thinking of choosing a Hashtag, you are in luck as we discuss tips for selecting one. #Enjoy

1.       Keep it as short as possibleImage result wey dey for hashtag social media campaign

This is very difficult but you don’t need a lengthy hashtag for your campaign. A very good idea is to use the same amount of characters for your Twitter handle which is 9 for your hashtag. If you can’t do this, just ensure it is not

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Save Money On Internet Expenses. See How To Do That In 5 Simple Ways

A good internet at home is essential whether you are a Netflix freak or you are just trying to keep up with your friends on social media. Unfortunately, every month your internet bill keeps rising that you want to stop subscribing.

The fact is that you can reduce your usage and still get affordable internet service monthly. Below are ways to can cut your internet bill.

1.     Get the best competitive priceImage result wey dey for save money on internet expenses

If you are frustrated with your high internet bills, you can take time out to research the cost of buying data from several other Internet Service Providers. When you have done this, contact your service

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All you need to know about the most expensive new car eve, Rolls Royce Swept-tail, worth £10 million

Rolls Royce Swept-tailRolls Royce Swept-tail – British luxury car maker, Rolls Royce has crafted the most expensive new car eve, the £10 million two-seater, Rolls Royce Swept-tail. It takes its name from the ‘swept-tail’ design of Rolls-Royces of the 1920s-30s and is built to mirror the elegant lines of a racing yacht.

The outrageously expensive vehicle is the brainchild of an unnamed super wealthy customer who approached the brand with his vision of building a unique one off car.