Seun Kuti tells Teekay why he can never marry his babymama

seun kutiFemi Anikulapo’s son, Seun Kuti has explained in an interview he granted Punch why he can never get married and the only reason he can collaborate with his senior brother, Femi Kuti. Seun says he does not believe in marriage because he feels no one has the right to own anybody, and what he and his babymama practice is partnership and nothing more. Excerpt from the interview;

Can we ever see you and Femi collaborating?

Collaborations like that are money spinners. If we would collaborate, it is not because we want to do something great for music because we are already making great music individually. But if we do it, it would mainly be for financial reason. We agreed that as soon as we feel our career is slowing down and money is not coming as it should, we would jump into the studio and do a money spinner.

Did you actually mean it when you said you weren’t going to get married even to the mother of your child?

I don’t believe in marriage. If I had wanted to be married, I would have been working towards it. People can decide what they want to do with their lives. I just don’t believe in that institution especially as it is set up today

How do you mean?

I don’t like the idea of ‘ownership.’ Nobody has the right to own anybody. This is a capitalist idea so that people can make profit off love. You don’t make profit off love.

What if the mother of your child decides to get married to someone else?

She is free. If she wants to be married, then that is her choice. What will I do about it? Will I put a gun to her head and insist that she should not get married? But I know she will not do that because we have a strong bond and we understand each other and our partnership is great. We are raising a beautiful daughter and it would be a big surprise if she says she wants to get married to someone else.


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