Question: What is The Best Way To Break A Bad News?

Question (Anonymous):

What is the best way to break a bad news to my boyfriend. I really need to know, because he was the one that dis-flowered me, IMAG0015and now, am 7 weeks pregnant. I dunno how he would take the news. Please advice me.


There is no best way to break a bad news dear and getting pregnant is not a bad news (apologies to pregnant women). children are gifts from the Lord – it doesn’t define any circumstance.

But back to your question – while the two of you are in talks on a normal day, just throw it to him that what if you get preggy for him, how will he react/feel. Whatever he says will determine your next line of action but the bottom line is you have to tell him ASAP. He has to know he is becoming a father on or before 9 months.

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