Ben Murray Bruce Speaks Up For Nigerians Against the Government’s Ban On Using ATM Cards Outside The Country

Ben Murray-Bruce, (born 18 February 1956) is a Nigerian business magnate and politician. He is the founder of Silverbird Group. A member of the People’s Democratic Party, he was elected to the Senate of Nigeria in March 2015, and currently represents the Bayelsa East constituency, in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Recently, he spoke up, unlike a lot of people or let me say politicians will ever do. These days, when the government passes a law, since the high and mighty are not affected by it, they do nothing, leaving the masses to bear the brunt.

As regards the ban of naira debit cards overseas, has spoken up, urging the Federal Government rethink the decision they made on the ban. Below is what he said as regards the ban….

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If you asked me, Senator Ben Murray for President 2019 is what I’d say…..

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