Beef!: 50Cent Calls Out Meek Mill, Telling Him His Career Is Already Over

I’ve told you before that this 2016 is going to be very interesting. Anyway, let me get straight to giving you the gist.
Rapper 50 Cent has told Meek Mill his career is ‘already over.’ The Candy Shop rapper was the subject of a diss track from his rival over his recent bankruptcy filing. But now the 40-year-old singer has lashed out in response, telling Meek he should focus on starting a family with girlfriend Nicki Minaj instead of his music.
Posting a picture of Meek’s face in a poop emoji, 50 wrote on Instagram: ‘LMAO Hey s**t head, your career is already over.’ ‘You better focus on getting Nicki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl. new meek emoji lol (sic),’ the Grammy winner added.

He then unleashed a series of other posts mocking Meek, 28, including one of him crying and another photo calling out his rival for losing ‘every rap beef’ he’d ‘ever been in.’

The snapshot with Meek crying read: ‘But your honor I’m not a gangsta, I’m just retarded. Look I went at DRAKE, FUTURE and 50Cent. Smh s***t.(sic)’

Meek wasted no time in hitting back at 50 – who has son Marquise, 18, with Shaniqua Tompkins and Sire, three, with Daphne Joy – for being ‘broke and miserable.’
He slammed: ‘U pop s*** on social media 24/7…U never in the places everybody b at…The whole queens say you a rat…Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick…Ross finished you “career over?” ‘
‘All you artist that came under you broke ya son hate you smfh! Ya swag on below “0” lol hold up… U always hating on putt and Hov other go getters from ya city… U going broke and you miserable… U really miserable bro…. Mayweather ain’t got tickets for you nomore….Ya liquor is p**s.(sic)’
Above is Meek who posted this snap holding a stack of cash and stating 50 Cent was ‘broke and miserable’

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