Graphic Photo: Bayo Ajia The Notorious Cultist Has Been Murdered In Ilorin

Reports emerging form Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, has it that one of the most notorious cultists and convicted murderer in that state, Adebayo Ajia, met a gruesome end in the hands of a rival cult group that has been on his trail for years for allegedly killing some of their members.
Eyewitnesses account has it that the incident happened at about 12:30 pm at the car wash Ajia owns along the popular Taiwo Road in the commercial nerve center of the town.

Ajia was said to be one of the ring leaders of the Aiye Confraternity, said to have held the state to ransom for many years as he was once convicted for the killing of two of his rivals, Abdul Yekini Gobir and Abdul Ganiyu Hussein, at a night party at Deens Motel, Ilorin, in 2004 but was later granted amnesty by then Governor of the state, Bukola Saraki, who is now the Senate President.
Those who witnessed the killing of Ajia said he was murdered in cold blood by his assailants whose identity is yet to be determined as at press time. He was said to have been shot at severally by his assailants but when it seemed like the bullets were not penetrating his body, the assailants used machetes to hack him down and kept tearing at him till he gave up the ghost.

The residents of Illorin are living in fear now, as they know the death of Ajia will bring real trouble to the community because his men will want to avenge his death.


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