Bash Ali arrested and charged to court…


When did they start arresting people for constituting public nuisance? Lol Nigerian boxing icon, Bash Ali was arrested last week Wednesday Feb. 11th in front of a bank in Abuja for constituting public nuisance. Not only was he arrested, he was locked up in a cell and charged to court for the offence.

According to reports, the boxer and three other boxers had gone to the Nigerian Export Import Bank, NEXIM, in Abuja last week to demand for the sponsorship the bank was asked by president Jonathan to give to the Boxers Association for a Guinness Book of Record fight. When they didn’t pay him attention, Bash Ali and the men allegedly created drama in front of the bank premises The management of the bank called in the police and accused the boxer and the others of threatening to bomb their bank building

The four of them were arrested and charged before an Abuja based court for constituting public nuisance and threat to live. They were remanded at the SARS prison that day. When interrogated, the former Boxer accused the bank manager, one Mr Henry Orya of demanding a 10% commission from the $30 million US sponsorship fund the presidency allegedly instructed the bank to give the boxers as sponsorship. He denied the allegations that he threatened to bomb the bank premises.

“I never said I will bomb their office. If any institution owned by government disobeys the order of Mr. President because of corruption, that institution should be closed down. That is what I said”he said

The bank has denied they ever asked him for bribe, saying they didn’t give him the sponsorship because they don’t sponsor sports activities

“NEXIM does not finance sports activities. Notwithstanding this explanation, Bash Ali did not relent but decided to adopt every means to extort the $1, 000,000. 00 from the Bank” the bank in a statement said.

Bash Ali and the other three men are due to appear in court on March 4th when the case and his bail application will be heard

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