Bad Economy Affecting Our Business – Lagos Prostitutes Lament

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Some commercial s*x workers in the commercial city of Lagos are currently bitter about the low patronage their business is suffering due to the downturn status of the Nigerian economy.
“There is no money in the country. Guys are complaining, but at all at all na him be witch. Wetin will man pickin do? We have to collect the pay like that. I have been here since and the guys wey dey come my way just dey price anyhow. You no see as you dey price too.

“And if I tell you to do quick rest for N3, 000, you will say no. They want it all through the night,” said one of the prostitutes, who gave her name as Jessica. She spoke both pidgin and proper English.

According to Sunday Telegraph’s investigation, the prevailing downturn in the economy seems to be affecting everything in the country, including the services of commercial sex workers, who are currently complaining about bad business. Many of them were seen loitering without patronage. At the arrival of the correspondent, at Heavens, a popular night club on 1st Avenue, Festac, Lagos, about three different ladies came trying their luck.

One of them, Titi, was literally begging to be taken home by the correspondent, who priced her far below the normal prices (between N7,000 and N10, 000) charged on the axis. She had initially mentioned N15, 000 per night before the bargaining ensued.

The correspondent had priced her N5,000, which she eventually accepted and was saying “okay let’s go to your house, I will do you well, you will enjoy me.” Other ladies met on the same spot were insisting on N8000 or N10, 000 per night.

“Oga this one wey you dey price like this, you no go fit pay for all night. E go better if you go for quick rest. Quick rest na N2500. Let’s leave the full night. I have a place, where I lodge on 21 Road, let’s go there and enjoy ourselves. I’m sweet let’s just do quick rest first. Long night is N10, 000 but as you dey price so, you no fit pay for full night. I will do you well and I will give you my number so that you can call anytime you need me,” said Stella, another woman of the night.

It was surprising to see Jane, who was complaining about low or no patronage and the fact that a correspondent, isolated her for a discussion but didn’t take her home, prayed that God would give her another customer.

“You know that you don’t want to carry me to your house and you came here and wasted my time.

“If I had stood at that place, somebody else would have carried me. After now you will go and pray God to bless your business but you are here spoiling my own business. Go, let me wait and see if God will give me another customer this night.” This was emotional outburst of this young lady, who thought she had caught a big fish for the night; perhaps, she didn’t see anything wrong with prostitution rather, what she does to keep body and soul together.

Similarly, some girls, who go into prostitution, have different things in mind.
Jane believes that God is aware of her business and perhaps, prays each night that God will give her a good customer (sex mate).

What an irony of life. Jane had also insisted that her price was N10, 000 and nothing less. The reporter was shocked to the marrow when Jane made this utterance. At Allen Avenue, Ikeja, at about few minutes after 11pm, another lady of easy virtue was met and although she started with N5000 for what she called, “short time,” she later accepted N2000 for “short time” but refused to go all night for, conceivably, fear of entering into wrong hands, she didn’t accept to go to Isolo and as a result, didn’t discuss her terms and conditions for a sex vigil.

“N2000 is the last price for short-time. Isolo is far, I can’t go to Isolo. Let me stay here and keep hassling.” In another development, it was obvious that low patronage was plaguing them due to the prevalent economic situation in the country. Yes, according to Tricia, men still come around because they need women, but they are not willing to settle for high prices. In Tricia’s eyes, you will find thick layers of desperation. She appealed: “I will do you well.

“If you want, I can do you inside this car. I will s..k you and after s..king you, I will f..k you. You will enjoy it and then I will give you my number. If you want all night, I can go for N4, 000 but if you want quick rest, I can take N2, 000. Let me come in…”

But despite her desperate moves to be patronised, the Correspondent turned down her self-invitation into the car. She was the only person in all, who accepted N4, 000. This happened between 12pm and 1am. At another location, a nursing mother prostitute in Aguda, Surulere, one Juliet, said, the country is tough, and she cannot afford to stay at home in order that her girl child does not die of hunger.

“I have a child. In the course of my business, I got pregnant and I didn’t want to abort the baby. It wasn’t easy for me then but I needed to keep the baby. I used to give her Chelsea dry gin every night so that she can sleep all through the night until I come back. Yes, I still get customers, off course, they don’t know I have a child but even if they know, they will still patronise me,” she said confidently. Also, another girl, Shola, who looked between 17 and 21 years old, said her own price was N8, 000, “non negotiable”.

She refused home service due to a bitter experience she had, which she didn’t disclose to the correspondent. However, the correspondent’s curiosity to know why she was so scared of home service, prompted him to press her. But she replied: “Never mind.” Dark and tiny-waist Shola, who claimed to be a student of the University of Port Harcourt, does not believe in talking, rather, she allows her waist entice any man.

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